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Small site


The main task of a small website is to supply basic information about your company and contact details. Site-card short, but effectively represents you, your company, product or service on the Internet. Actually, this site - at least, which is required of every modern company.

Site of presentation from 7999 USD. *!!!

The cost of creating a small website includes:

  1. hosting of 1900 mb for one year.
  2. Domain at any domain zone- is free
  3. Administrative control panel site. (WordPress)
  4. Site Search Module
  5. counter attendance (
  6. Design of catalog
  7. There is no limit on the number of pages - add as much information as you need
  8. Free filling of the information provided by you - to 5 pages
  9. Unlimited number of mailboxes on the domain *.
  10. web interface, pop3, smtp for mail
  11. Social buttons
  12. Web Hosting Control Panel, database, Web-ftp *
  13. Antivirus for Mail *
  14. Testirovka and errors
  15. Ability to create a feedback form (mail form)
  16. Configuring the CMS and fill in our host.
  17. Training materials to work with your website.
  18. Create a site at a remote distance

* there is a possibility of independent creation by hosting panel

Usually, 5 pages that can be distributed as free stuff:

  • home
  • About us (About company)
  • Partners
  • clients
  • Contacts

Create a site it will not take long. In this case, it is inexpensive, very informative and user-friendly.

You pay this price and nothing more need to pay extra!

Additional functions

cost of

The unique design of the site (design services) from 100 UAH
Banner, picture, logo ( to order) from 100 UAH
Indexing directory from 200 UAH
filling of the site (Provision of information) (after 5) 49 USD / page
Product Catalog (three levels of nesting) 299 UAH
Order form or feedback (dopopolnytelnaya) 79 UAH
banneroobmen 99 UAH
Video Gallery 299 UAH
Question answer 149UAH
additional counter, banner (weather, currency ..) 49 UAH
Product Catalog 499 UAH
book reviews 199 UAH
Advanced search 399 UAH
Photo Gallery 99 UAH
Gallery multilevel 199 UAH.
Create a mailbox 49UAH
Chat with Site Administrator 199 UAH.
Hosting of 1000MB 299 UAH.
Intergatsii with social networks 199 UAH.
The group in the social network 299UAH. / One of
Layout design with your distribution would (advertising production companies) 499 UAH
Catalog with shopping cart 999 UAH.
additional domain (mirror) or domain zone 90 UAH.
Map to object ( Yandex maps) 99 UAH.
button “share” for all social networks 59 UAH.
multilingual site, for each additional language (the price includes information translated into other languages ​​automatic translator) +25% of the cost of a single-language version

If the functionality you need is not listed, then ask about the possibility of writing over the phone