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Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising - advertising, contextually relevant pages, on which it is located. for instance, Contextual advertising is displayed in the search results or on niche sites.




Google Ads – tool for placing contextual advertisements on Google pages and on sites participating in its affiliate network.

Contextual advertising acts selectively and is shown to those website visitors, the sphere of interests of which potentially coincides / intersects with the subject of the advertised product or service, target audience, which increases the likelihood of their response to advertising.

What tasks does contextual advertising solve??

  1. The exact hit in the target audience, who is interested in your products and services.
  2. Quick return To set up and run an advertising campaign requires 1 day!
  3. Ensuring traffic flow The more targeted visitors to the site, the more income he brings.
  4. Increasing sales The most effective way to solve this problem is contextual advertising..
  5. Predicted result Before the start of the advertising campaign, you can calculate, how many visitors will come to the site.

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Our advantages:

  1. We provide the right amount of visitors. We know, how to give the necessary amount of traffic at the price you need.
  2. We increase sales and reduce their cost. We know, how to turn your site visitors into your customers
  3. We will take all the cares of the advertising campaign. If you do not have enough time and staff to run an advertising campaign, You can use our professionals for outsourcing.

cost of:

The cost of contextual advertising on Google from 200$ per month. Guaranteed place in the top five 10 different requests. But usually, effective advertising budget is 500-1000$ per month. For this amount you get more 1000 guaranteed views of your site, and statistics -more 1000 potential customers.

If you have any questions, call: (044) 360-02-93 either write: web (@) . We will be happy to answer your questions.

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