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Site Renewal Service

Website, as in our company, any other is registered for a period of 1 year. After the registration deadline (domain and hosting), approximately another 30days for its extension. Ie the site that was registered 22 september 2013 valid until September 22, 2014. Then the site stops showing, since 22 September to October 22, 2014 this site can be possibly restored and extended at standard cost.

At the moment, this cost for our customers is 600-800UAH/year depending on the number of addresses and site space. At the same time, the site is extended for another year..

If you decide extend the site after 30 days, after the registration deadline, (for our case, this date is October 22, 2014), then the site can be saved for the cost premium recovery. Wherein each case is considered separately and the cost of restoration is calculated separately. Website (information on it) may not be restored / not saved.

If you, for some reason, do not want to renew the site, then can request backups (site backup). This service is free of charge and is provided during the standard renewal period. (30days after the expiration of the site,until October 22, 2014). Wherein site address is not saved.


Service save only addresses (domain).

Domain Preservation Service- this service, which allows save your address, without renewing the site itself (hosting). However, this address will not be available for registration to third parties, but the site will not be displayed on it. Instead of your site some page will be shown, either our site. This service is valid from 1 to 10 years.

Cost of address storage service (domain) different, depends on the domain itself, as well as, from that, when you wanted to save him. If you decide keep it for 30 days after the expiration of the site or until its end, then the cost of saving any domain will be up to 200 UAH / year. Moreover, the domain registration period can be from 1 to 10 years.

The service of storing the address after 30 days from the date of the site’s end (redemptionPeriod)

If you decide to save the site after 30 days from the end date of the site, redemptionPeriod comes. You can recover it for the cost of premium recovery for another 30 days. ( in our case, it is November 22)

Service for domains in zones,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and is 500 UAH.

For domains in .com zones, .net and other top-level services cost 1000UAH.

After the lapse of 30 days of redemptionPeriod domain goes into waiting period for deletion – pendingDelete, which still lasts 5 days.
During this period, the domain can no longer be restored. Thus, domain is freed through 35 days after joining redemptionPeriod.

We will also help you restore sites created by other companies and transfer them to us for maintenance.To do this, just call: (044) 360-02-93, (063) 463 33 38. Or use feedback form.