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Transfer site to us

To transfer the site to another company (from a man who served you before) you need to fulfill the following conditions:

1. We agree with that, that you want to transfer your web site. This can be done by calling (044) 360-02-93, (063) 463-33-38.

2. Send us existing passwords from the hosting and the domain or from the control panel on the web(@)

Passwords from the hosting look like this:

Thank you for choosing our service.
This letter contains information about your hosting account for your domain You are welcome, Save this information.
Data on your hosting account:
Domain name:
IP Address :
* temporary address:
Credentials to access the control panel DirectAdmin:
Address :
Login : login
Password : pass
Data for FTP-access:
FTP-server :
Login : login
Password : pass
– html-ctranichki, files and php scripts must be loaded into the public_html directory
– CGI / Perl scripts work only in public_html / cgi-bin directory
mail servers:
POP3 server :
SMTP Server :
WEB-mail :
DNS server:
NS1 :
NS2 :

Yours faithfully, Customer Service
Ltd “Center for Internet names of Ukraine”
Customer Support Center
+380 (44) 360-43-10
+380 (57) 780-03-86
+7 (499) 918-72-55 (more rooms) Live Chat

from domain:

with the name or address of a control panel.

3. Fill out an application from the owner of the domain on the transfer of addresses (domain) to our service (transfer)while attaching, perhaps,copy of the document proving the identity. (You may not need, for some companies)

4. Pay maintenance services site in our company (600-800USD / year). perhaps more, when a large volume of information.

You will open a new hosting account and sent a new password via e-mail. Validity 1year site, It will be considered from the date of payment for our services.

To simplify the procedure, our specialists can svyazyvatsya previous administrators of your site.

If your site is already in the idle state, the procedure and the cost will be stipulated separately. Read more in the article “site restoration“.

If there are any questions, you can always call us at: 063-463-33-38 or 044-360-02-93.