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Contextual advertising

To date, contextual advertising google, is one of the fastest and regarding inexpensive ways, get potential customers to your site.
One of the advantages of this ad is, that advertising is very fast. You don’t have to wait any days / weeks / months for any indexing, no expectations for you google updates. Set up an advertising company and go, here to you and immediately the first page, without the long, painful SEO optimizations and all that.

But (!) in the case of SEO you have a very large field for experimentation, you are unlimited by symbols, your entire page is at your disposal, on which you put experiments, stuff it with keywords, follow her positions, draw conclusions and so on.

In contextual advertising, you are limited by the number of characters. Just two lines you need to put: What does your company do, your advantages over others, as well as some special offer of goods or services.

It's not easy, but we will try to help figure it all out.

We want to immediately pay attention to the most important factors of contextual advertising.

The first thing to do is Offer the user a solution to his problem

– Try to convince the client that, at minimal cost you can solve his problem and offer him good support, quality goods or services.

Second - Explain to the customer, that he does not risk anything

– should show the client that, by going to your site, he does not risk anything. That he won’t waste his time, and will not lose money, by contacting your organization.

Third - Gain customer confidence

– Long term, a successful business effect can only be obtained with the trust of your customers. Sound title plus nice tagline, increase your brand awareness in the market.

Fourth - Encourage the client to do something now, this second.

– most companies neglect the target page (referenced by ad) often going to the page a person does not see what was discussed in contextual advertising.

– Invite the client to do something now, eg: request a call back, order online, save to bookmarks, share with friend, do something quickly without registering and so on.

Fifth - Your ads and landing pages should have more specifics.

– Often, entrepreneurs try to reach everyone and once. This approach usually does not bring any good.. A lot of money is spent, and earn little. By targeting an advertising campaign to your target audience, can significantly reduce advertising costs and increase earnings.
– If your prices for goods or services are really, lower than the rest, be sure to indicate this in the contextual ad.