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E-mail marketing

E-mail newsletter is a key tool in gaining and retaining customers in today's highly competitive business..

Our company is engaged in the delivery of your e-mail messages to recipients in a matter of minutes. We take care of all the problems of setting up servers and false positives for spam filters..

Among the most important features of such mailings, we highlight the following:

  • HTML mailing format allows you to embed links, Images, use different fonts and flexibly customize the appearance of messages;
  • cost of mailing list is very low.

Optimization of costs for e-mail marketing

When organizing an e-mail newsletter, Your company significantly reduces Internet marketing costs. We offer a full range of services for the delivery of large volumes of mailings at an affordable price..

Having concluded a contract with us, you instantly get such benefits, as:

  • No need to purchase an expensive multi-user mailing list license, for corporate use.
  • No maintenance costs for technical staff;
  • No purchase and update costs for newsletter software;
  • No costs for maintaining your own mailing list server
  • No need to deal with spam services, which often respond to spam filter false positives;
  • Significant reduction in delivery time for large volumes of letters (delivery speed not less 50,000 e-mail messages per hour);

cost of

The cost of newsletters may vary depending on the region of distribution, number of subscribers, use of your or our customer base.

We also offer bulletproof hosting, with the help of which you can make mailings yourself.

For questions about purchasing a service or for more information –send message our manager or call: 044 360 02 93.