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To transfer the site to another company (from a man who served you before) you need to fulfill the following conditions: 1. Contract with us

Today 4.04, Day webmaster. Congratulations to all web developers, verstalschykov, Web Designers, system administrators, and all-all-all, who so, or otherwise associated with this

A few days ago Habré came the news, that energy Denmark 25% now it depends on wind turbines. clear, what

  At the forum discuss Stackoverflow, how to make PNG, which will look different in different browsers. for instance, the picture at the top looks like

  Information Security Specialist with site with a pleasant surprised to learn, that Hollywood filmmakers have used it in the source code

Strength Tests, impermeability, smartphone against artificial ass (What will happen, if you sit on a chair with the phone in the back pocket), stability

Some providers in Tajikistan last Sunday received from the local branch of the service connection order to block access to Facebook.Prichina not lock ukazyvalas.Chast

The system will lose support for Microsoft 8 April 2014 of the year, when will be released the latest update for Microsoft XP.S site can even download special

Services and Cut tools&Slice me - a free plug-in for Photoshop, that helps you prepare design elements for different types of devices. —

Hiding passwords when you enter is used for a long time, and it is often used in the forms of registration and authorization. This allows us not to reveal their