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Automatic sending of SMS messages – why is she needed?

Automatic sending of SMS to clients – the perfect way to keep in touch with them, as well as search for new.

SMS distribution via the Internet is one of the most effective ways to convey information to the target audience. Irrelevant, would you like to inform one or tens of thousands of people.It combines efficiency and high return.

alpha2Save your time and money! we provide a service of bulk SMS mailings, sms services and SMS sending service covering more 800 networks in over 200 countries of the world. This provides a quick, a reliable and safe way to communicate with your potential and existing customers by sending bulk SMS advertising, notifications, notifications and other text messages.

Automatic SMS messaging is appropriate in the following cases:

  • Bulk SMS advertising (for business)
  • SMS informing and notification (relevant for banking structures, who send SMS to clients in the form of SMS notification or notification about the status of a bank account)
  • SMS mailing to clients any text information
  • Personal SMS sending via the Internet (throwing a party, why not inform all your friends in an affordable and effective way?)
  • New! Put the button Snapshot to your website and receive notifications in the form “Alexey 0634633338″ to your mobile. That will allow you to quickly call back the client.
  • Put confirmation of registration on the site by SMS.



The cost of sending bulk SMS via the Internet, discounts

SMS advertising has the highest return among all other advertising messages. Ask yourself questions: “How often do I read received SMS?”, “How quickly do I open a message after I receive it??”. Personal experience will tell you, how your customers will behave with the message received from you.

The cost of sending one SMS – from 14 kopecks / sms. You can find out more detailed cost of sending by contacting with our manager.


What is the delivery speed of bulk SMS via the Internet?

Average speed of SMS sending via the Internet- from 200 SMS / sec. and more.

SMS is delivered to the subscriber within 3-10 seconds depending on the country of destination. In Russia, this period is 3 seconds maximum. Within a few seconds, all that, what do you want to inform thousands of, millions of recipients, will become known to each of them.


SMS advertising and anti-spam policy

Bulk SMS advertising often falls under the category “spam”. To each, who is engaged in sending SMS messages, a clear line should be drawn between SMS marketing and spam. We do not cooperate with organizations or individuals, sending unsolicited SMS messages.

Bulk SMS is ideal for:

  • any kind of business, to keep in touch with your clients (for banking structures, SMS-informing and SMS notifications are very popular)
  • organizations, who want to notify about their promotions and discounts (bulk SMS advertising);
  • people, who want to quickly and economically contact their friends.


What SMS messages can I send?

Bulk SMS over the Internet has standard SMS restrictions, which will in no way become an obstacle between you and your clients.

You can send text messages in the GSM alphabet (eg, latin characters, punctuation symbols) or in unicode (in virtually any of the existing languages).

1 SMS message contains maximum 160 GSM symbols or 70 unicode characters (including spaces). More long messages(articulated) will be divided into parts and a fee will be charged for each part of the message. On the recipient's phone, the articulated SMS looks like a single unit. The Atomic SMS panel offers SMS counter, displaying information about the length of the message and its cost.

Maximum length of SMS sender name (field “SMS from) 11 Latin letters or numbers.

Preliminary sender name registration is not required(an exception – SMS mailing in Ukraine).

One of the main advantages, which is possessed by the mass mailing of SMS via the Internet, it is flexibility of settings and personalization. The interface allows you to configure the service for sending SMS notifications in the most suitable way.

To carry out bulk SMS mailing, Atomic SMS allows you to download a database of subscribers' contacts (import from text, EXCEL or CSV file) to address books.

The automatic sending of SMS via the Internet is truly such – the system interface is as simple and intuitive as possible, therefore, it will not be a problem for you to quickly figure out all the possibilities provided.

For each message you send, you can enter any sender's name in Latin letters(it could be like your company phone number, so just its name), this opportunity is also called “changing the name of the sms sender“.

In the mass sending of SMS, an important role is played by personalization – ie. substitution of the subscriber's name or any other variable in the SMS text. A personalized approach to the client guarantees, that your SMS advertising campaign will have maximum impact.

Automatic SMS messaging can be done instantly, in parts, or scheduled for any date in future. We provide you with all the tools you need to send SMS to your business clients at the most convenient time for them..

Every business owner is faced with clients who want to unsubscribe from SMS-mailing. Detailed SMS delivery reports allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

To miscalculate your order, as well as for more information, please contact:

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