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Why Do I Need Web Site?

If you discard all conventions, the answer will be simple and clear - in order, to make money. The site is a powerful marketing tool in this regard., allowing you to express yourself to as many potential customers and partners as possible and to effectively interact with them.

Website creation increases the likelihood of contacting you specifically in order to place an order or purchase goods, unnecessarily. in the age of computer technology, the lack thereof does not affect the image of the company. Remember, that most potential customers of your company are more likely to open a search engine on the network in order to, to find information of interest or select the necessary product, rather than a traditional paper reference. And if there is no information about you in the world wide web, the client is very likely to “float away” to your competitor.

Through the site you inform contractors about your area of ​​activity, location of your office or outlets, cost of services or products, the appearance of certain novelties, the beginning of promotions, etc.. If you open an online store, you get the opportunity to sell goods and services, while reducing the overhead of renting premises, point of sale content, staff salary. Through feedback forms you can carry out online consultations, provide technical support to existing customers, receive feedback and comments from your customers. The site may become a tool for entering the international market. It’s enough to create an English-language mirror of your site.

A site is your online presence., which can bring your business to a higher level. You only need to be clear, what goals do you plan to achieve, creating it, and clearly convey this idea to company employees, which you entrust this crucial event.

However, just creating a site and forgetting about it will not work. Tune in to the need for regular work with this useful business tool. You will need to ensure the smooth operation of the site from a technical point of view, as well as periodically updating the information contained therein. These two tasks (technical and informational) are part of the work package, referred to as site support and performed either by your own efforts, or with the involvement of third-party specialists.

Website Technical Support aims to maintain the site in working condition: its placement on a reliable server (hosting) and solving all arising issues with the hosting company, protection against hacker and spam attacks, correction of software failures and modernization of software modules, backup data, etc.. Information support site includes adding and modifying text, graphic or any other information on the site, creating new blocks, sections and pages, writing unique content, translation of materials into foreign languages, administration and moderation of forums, etc..

But chores about it are not limited to one site support.. Subject to, that the number of sites on the World Wide Web is in the millions, in order not to get lost in this huge amount, need to attend to such a task as website promotion.

Website promotion in search engines (Yandex, Rambler, Google et al.) aims to attract potential customers and partners. To do this, your brainchild should be in the first positions in the search queries. You can achieve this, working as with the actual content of the site (optimization), so with external factors (registration in search engines and catalogs, viral campaigns, placement of links to your website and advertising banners on specialized resources, placement of contextual advertising, distribution of press releases, Blogging Your Activities, social networks, on forums, etc.).

To deploy a full-fledged advertising campaign for your resource on the network, time and experience in website promotion are needed. Therefore, to achieve the desired result, it is preferable to immediately entrust it to specialists.